Something about “Third Voice” by Monsoon just shouldn’t work… Even the band admits it:

“This song came out of the lab with a bonkers structure, and nonchalant genre shapeshift midway through. On paper it’s all over the place, and shouldn’t work. But my lab partner and I figured out its chemistry”

It’s wonky and janky in the best kind of way. Hush-hush rhythmic vocals meet up with an absolutely huge instrumental backbone. Epic guitars and stadium-sized drums come together to create a strangely pleasant cacophony. “Third Voice” is a song that you just have to experience for yourself… And what better way than in music video form. The band enters a talent show and chaos ensues – it’s the perfect visual accompaniment to this weird, but oh-so-good Frankenstein of genres.

Watch the video for “Third Voice” below, and then swing by Spotify or Apple Music to add it to your playlist.