MONOMANIAC are the youngbloods of Buffalo hardcore. Their latest two-song release, Dysphoria / Destined to Question, solidifies the group’s grimy, cacophonous metallic hardcore style.

The first of which, “Dysphoria,” is chugging, meaty-riff metal with tortured and fiendish lead vocals. A short verse with a bit of a hip-hop cadence in the middle breaks up the raging track well and must be killer in a live setting.

After a seamless transition, “Destined to Question” ups the ante with chaotic, static-like guitar leads that splinter out of control, before the group’s vocalist, Derek Maniscalco, comes in at an eyes-blood-red intensity. An edgy, grating metallic guitar lead cuts through in the middle portion before the group knocks back into another unhinged harrowing hardcore chorus. A strong breakdown at the end of the song closes the two-song EP appropriately.

It’s no secret that Buffalo hardcore has been exploding with new bands lately, but MONOMANIAC is one to keep an eye on as they further define their sound and etch out their place in the scene with this solid release.

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