Rap groups are a gift to music. Each member of the crew provides a different voice and personality to each track, but still identify with one common name. It’s a cool phenomenon that is kinda unique to rap. Buffalo’s Mile HIgh Muzik is bringing those vibes to the city, through their creativity and fusion of styles.

Close friends M-A, Yo Leek, Karma, Bulls, and Bones comprise Mile High, who first came up on the Buffalo rap scene with a self-titled debut mixtape a couple of years ago. Sonically, the group goes into all aspects of hip hop. M-A, producer of most of the crew’s tracks, says “We don’t just do one type of song. From ‘hip hop’ tracks like ‘Flowetry‘ to full out trap music like ‘Miracles,‘ our goal is just to make music that we’re into.”

One song that you simple can’t not get into is the infectious “Rollin,'” complete with this dope music vid below, and featuring Mile High members M-A and Bulls.

Drawing inspiration from legendary rap groups like Wu Tang and Dipset, the music consistently is the essence of camaraderie. All of the artists get their shine on the team’s two official projects, and the stream of music that Mile High consistently puts out. The month of #juugcember already been good to us with the releases “Fiendin” and “Woke Up Juugin,” and more is on the way from the group. They’ve always stressed their abundance of tracks in the works. “Fiendin” is a posse cut in the truest form, as the crew talks turns talking about a thirsty female over a plodding instrumental. “Woke Up Juugin” is a trippy solo track really displaying the talent of M-A as both a rapper and the producer. Peep those tracks below and stay tuned to the youthful, charismatic crew from the 716.