Mia Day is due for a little redemption. After a string of stinging losses, she’s risen like a phoenix with latest single, “Severed.” After a year of hell (a “hell year,” if you will), Mia channeled her pain and angst into a new album, Hellier, Forever, upon which “Severed” resides. Taking cues from the grunge greats of the ’90s with plenty of fresh, 2024 energy, “Severed” is an amalgamation of crunchy guitars, raw emotion, and her heart-on-sleeve vocal prowess. Here’s a powerful quote from Day herself explaining where she’s coming from:

“For months I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I would just write songs every day… It’s me saying, ‘I will not disappear and I will not let a single person destroy me.’”

You can find “Severed” via the YouTube embed below, or, stream it on Spotify.