LA based Jamie Sierota, aka meija (“it’s pronounced “meija” per his social media) drops his latest “Magic” with fellow artist JAWNY. The track itself is absolutely one of the chillest tracks I’ve heard so far this year – driven by guitar and a simple-yet-effective drum beat that keeps the lo-fi groove going. You’ll also find a fun synth effect that shows up every few stanzas along with a bumpin’ bass riff.

As per meija, “Magic” is very much a biographical one; the entire first verse a quick summation of the last ten years of his life. He goes on to say:

“At its core, it’s a song about trying to find the beauty in the everyday. Even in my hardest times, there’s always been something good.”

Between the grooviness, effects, and meija’s vocals, the way this song was put together gave me Talking Heads vibes (“Once in a Lifetime,” to be more specific)… But anyone looking for some chill indie beats or fans of Beck, Bright Eyes, and Alex G will not be disappointed. Definitely be sure to check out “Magic” down below or on Spotify or Apple Music.