The Rochester/Brooklyn based psych rockers in Maybird have debuted the second single from their upcoming EP Turning Into Water, which is set for release in September. The song, titled “Big Sun Explosion,” is both lyrically and musically tight. Starting with a catchy guitar riff paired with high note xylophone, I can’t help but hear major influence from MGMT or Tame Impala with a little John Lennon twist.

Lyrically, the Lennon influence really shines, using an attractive rhythm and melody as a foundation for the song’s beautifully written lyrics. In romantic fashion, Josh Netsky’s words serve as a Whitman-esque poem of transcendence with nature.

“I saw a sight to see flying away from me, a wall of mirrors projecting it’s disappearance.”

Netsky suggests breaking down the barriers of consciousness and seeing life as it truly is, and most importantly observing nature as it is around him. He later confirms that he has found beauty in nature, and that this beauty is ever present and continuous.

“The buildings tower high, the birds swim through the sky; The iris full color, the day just like any other.”

Listen to “Big Sun Explosion” below.