Switzerland based artist Mary Middlefield is a burgeoning singer-songwriter who reshaped herself during the pandemic after being a classically trained violinist for most of her life. She released her debut LP last year and is already releasing more new music, the most recent being “Heart’s Desire,” an indie cut filled with sharp daggers of unrequited love. The new single’s clean guitar melody intertwines with a hushed backbeat with seamless fluidity that feels like the quickened pulse you get in the orb of influence of your infatuation. This musicality matches Middlefield’s writing perfectly, her stanzas are filled with yearning for a crush that’s doomed because of their age difference. The new song has atmosphere and effortless flow that will sweep you into its current. Fans of Jeff Buckley, Phoebe Bridgers/boygenius, or Lucy Dacus will find lots to love on Middlefield’s new single.

Listen to “Heart’s Desire” the new release from Mary MIddlefield on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Soundcloud.