We’re excited to bring you the news that Martin Luke Brown has announced their debut album damn, look at the view!, and kicking off the project is the lead single, “elsie,” a nostalgic and bittersweet love song that’ll enchant you. Martin’s harmonized vocals, reminiscent of Elliot Smith or Bon Iver, are such a treat for the ears. Soft guitar lines, kick drums, and synths join the singer to make a warm sound that feels like a cool summer day, sun washed and filled with hazy smiles. Martin captures the melody the heart and the mind play together when a person has involuntarily become an intrinsic part of both, as he sings about his childhood home of Leicester. Martins plays in the fragile pop sounds like Postal Service but adds such warmth and fun that will evoke wry smiles in his listeners as the track plays.

Here is Martin talking about “elsie”:

“I always wanted to write a song about my life in Leicester. Not like a love song as such, but reflecting on it all.” Martin continues “There’s a lyric in an Ethan Gruska song ‘The Valley’ that I love; ‘if childhood defines you, can it ever be behind you?’ I wanted to take that idea and run with it. I am who I am because of that era of my life and it’s been nearly 10 years since I left.”

Listen to the new song “elsie” on Spotify. FInd more from Martin Luke Brown on their Instagram linked here.