Brooklyn-via-Buffalo-via-Rochester DJ/producer Mario Bee has showed his combined influence of both North American and UK club music on his various soundcloud demos and the Tomb EP, released last December on Austrian label Tiefparterre Records. The latest collection from the artist comes via media brand Toats Orig and is a two-tracker aptly titled Jnson & Jhnson. 

Lead cut, “BabyPowder,” brings a raucous three minutes of grime, trap, and southern-rap, with a menacing, detuned bassline. Bringing to mind producers like Darq E Freaker and Royal-T, the stripped-down, raw aesthetic combines elements of Jersey club and hip hop, making for an inventive sound still strongly rooted in club music culture. The B-side, “BabyOil,” brings a similar vibe, with a faster tempo and break beats scattered throughout. Listen below and check out the Malt Disney edited video for “BabyPowder.”