It’s been five long, painfully quiet years, but Austin death metal trio, Mammoth Grinder, is back via Relapse Records with a new album, Cosmic Crypt, that will haunt your dreams. Since coalescing in 2006, Chris Ulsh (Power Trip, Impalers), Mark Bronzino (Iron Reagan) and Ryan Parrish (Iron Reagan, Darkest Hour) have plagued the world with their awesomely unholy and bangover-inducing punk infected death metal.

Cosmic Crypt, their sophomore full-length, is a non-stop, bruising and frenetic 11-track offering that casts a macabre spell on your eardrums. Each chaotic song bears the weight of crushing blackness as the album propels you faster and faster through an infinite abyss fueled by an evil that transcends space and time. It’s fast, it’s heavy and it’ll give you whiplash.

The songwriting and musicianship behind Cosmic Crypt is thrilling and amplified by the band’s crisp self-recordings and Arthur Rizk’s (Power Trip, Sepultura, Inquisition) mixing. Ulsh’s doomy basslines and guttural vocals are ripe for an exorcism while Bronzino’s blazing, pitch black guitar riffs sound like the wails of damned souls, especially on the track “Rotting Robes.” The final ingredient in the cauldron is Parrish’s clobbering and crashing drums that produce a powerful brew of all-out death metal mayhem that can’t be missed nor ignored.

Stand out tracks include the skull crushing “Servant to the Most High,” the ferocious “Blazing Burst” and the morbidly melodic title track, “Cosmic Crypt.”

Mammoth Grinder is currently on tour and can be seen summoning stagedives and conjuring circle pits until March 3rd. Do not miss them live. Check out their BandCamp here for show dates and to stream Cosmic Crypt.