“Tore” is lead single off of Mali Velasquez‘s forthcoming debut album Green, which drops October 13. Introspective but not to the point of excess, “Tore” is Velasquez’s ode to her own self-sabotage and, as she put it:

“… I have no idea how to combat being embarrassed all the time still, but explaining it some has helped…I put a lot of my ideas of not knowing how to feel or what to do or eat or wear into this song.”

The understated instrumentals enhance Valasquez’s strong vocals throughout the track and invite comparisons to sad-girl indie darlings Phoebe Bridgers or Lomelda without being a carbon copy.

We’ll hopefully see another single before October 13, but for now feel free to check out “Tore” over on Spotify or the 90’s vibe music video available on Youtube.