Tennessee based Mali Velasquez (check our last feature on her here) has turned many heads with her single releases leading up to her debut album I’m Green due out October 13 via Acrophase Records. “Shove” is a gorgeous continuation of that trend – the track is reflective, cathartic, haunting and lush. Delicate picked guitar lines circle themselves and lock into a heart stopping drum rhythm that creates an atmosphere that feels like an ouroboros of cannibalistic anxieties. Mali’s wavering, earnest vocals possess an emotional quality that arrests the listener, and that quality only expands and consumes you more as she layers more of her singing onto the track. The way those vocals entwine with the bass creates an otherworldly experience that both possesses you and manifests the emotional themes of her songwriting. Fans who love Big Thief, Phoebe Bridgers, Elliot Smith, Julia Jacklin or Soccer Mommy should definitely find lots to love on Mali’s latest release. Here is Mali talking her latest single:

“’Shove’ is about a particular relationship I was in at the time, but also about trying really hard for the wrong reasons. I can drain a lot out of people and moments and sometimes I look back and realize how much I take for granted, and I wrote this song in an attempt to explain the feeling of seeing myself doing the wrong things in the perfect moment.”

Listen to Mali Velasquez’s latest single “Shove” on Spotify and Youtube. Find more from Mali on their Instagram and PR.