LOR is the project of Taylor Harrison, who, if not for a LinkedIn profile, has me convinced he’s a deep dark electronic being singing songs of a dystopian future (think Blade Runner vibes). “The Same Shit” is his latest track and the squelchy indietronica matches up with the spooky fall vibes and the aforementioned Blade Runner aesthetic. Speaking to the track, LOR had this to say:

“I went back to my indie electronic roots with this one – I imagined the vibe of the murky alleys of a dystopian world in the midst of rebellion… I tried to paint a picture of resilience and defiance from the shadows.”

The best elevator pitch I could think of would be if you crossed the eclecticism Daft Punk with darkness of Trent Reznor, which just barely scratches the surface. Be sure to give LOR a listen on Spotify or Apple Music.