NY based indie rockers Loose Buttons brings us a new track, “I Saw Jon Hamm at the Beach” released January 11. Based on an actual story of seeing Jon Hamm swimming, in what could easily turn into an extended phallic joke, instead turns into a surprisingly introspective track. Speaking to the fortuitous sighting, front man Eric Nizgretsky had this to say:

“It was one of those idyllic beach days — the sky blue, the air just right. And then, out of the corner of my eye, the man himself Jon Hamm. There he was, a perfect ‘symbol of the ideal man’ who, in reality, was just simply another beachgoer, casually playing kadima and sharing the day with his loved ones. As a huge fan of his work, seeing him out there, just being a regular dude, felt wonderfully refreshing. The whole experience debunked the ‘leading man’ facade I’ve often attributed to him. So, if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend seeing Jon Hamm at the beach— it’s a life changing experience.”

Filled to the brim with jangly guitar, chugging bass rhythms, and Nizgretsky’s crisp vocals, this song is about as earnest as they come from a band with solid indie chops.

Be sure to check out the track on Spotify, Apple Music, the YouTube link below. We’ve seen this band before and were happy with those tracks too, be sure to check out our thoughts here and here.