California’s Little Oil is fresh off the release of their latest single, “I Wanna Know.” Driven by a dirge-like tempo and twinkling acoustic guitars, “Know” brings to mind acts like Elliot Smith and Duster with its lo-fi ethos and chill-out vibe. Of particular note here is the chorus of cacophonous guitar bending – it feels like a much-needed explosion of energy after the otherwise reserved verses. Here’s a bit more about “Know” from Little Oil himself:

“[“I Wanna Know” is inspired by the] type of person we all know and marvel at who just goes with the flow, never worries about anything and everything just works out for them. The kind of person who makes you wonder ‘what do they know that I don’t know?’ I wanna know…”

You can find “I Wanna Know” via Bandcamp (below) or on Spotify. Check out their Linktree for even more listening options.