Last we saw Difficult Night, the slacker quartet was making the most of a soggy Porch Fest afternoon by delivering a set from a crowded Richmond Ave apt. One unknown song from that day, “Ex-Lover” premiered last night on the band’s soundcloud page. The song is led vocalist Shane Meyer’s typically desperate pleads. No word on whether the band is set on releasing stand alone singles or if an album is in the works, so keep an eye out.

In Difficult Night related news, keyboardist Miles Kirsch continues to stay busy with his once dormant dance project, Fashion Expo 1990. Since resurfacing earlier this year, Kirsch has dropped a couple collections of 90’s acid/house inspired tracks n bandcamp, and late last week, released a couple tracks from Fashion Expo’s forthcoming album, Club Bleek. The first of the two tracks, “Thunder Coast,” features Fashion Expo’s trademark infectious keyboards and pumping beats. Check it out here.

Lastly, Difficult Night’s bass player, Damian Weber, continues to prep the release of his remix album, You Don’t Need Shit, a reimagined look at his stellar 2014 record, You Don’t Need Shit. The album’s latest remixed track, “Mercy” can be streamed here.

Listen to Difficult Night’s “Ex-Lover” below.