Toronto-based three piece Life in Vacuum deliver a punk-infused dark-rock banger with new single “Hugo.”  A driving drum beat and unrelenting guitar and bass are locked in step with a breathless vocal delivery that will leave you gasping for repose as this menacingly magnetic track pummels you with a calculated chaos. The guitar, vocals and drums of the Ukraine-born brothers Ross and Sasha Chornyy, who moved to Canada in 2004, found the perfect alchemical addition of current bassist Geoff Albrecht. Here is Sasha talking about the sonic shift with the new addition to the band:

“We’re very rigid, my brother and I, so it was good to have a new voice in the fold… It’s not so much a new sound as a new dynamic; the chemistry really works.”

The band’s latest release is off their latest LP All You Can Quit where you can find more crushingly gorgeous sonics that any fans of all time greats like Interpol, At The Drive-In, and Refused will find a ton to love.

Listen to the new track “Hugo” from Life in Vacuum on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. Find more from them on their Instagram.