45 Degrees is the latest from LA based Laurel Arnell-Cullen, aka Laurel, released in anticipation of her forthcoming album “Palpitation” due out June 14th. This is one hundred percent a delightful pop romp, with Laurel’s impeccable pipes blazing the way. I know I mention it a lot, but having played bass, I can’t help but notice the sick bass line throughout the track meshing with light synth effects and occasional fleeting guitar. Fans of Lorde, Charli XCX, or Florence + The Machine’s brand of pop would find a lot to enjoy, and then some, with Laurel’s talents.

Speaking to the track Laurel had this to say:

“The love you feel is so deep, yet the life you live in this love is lighthearted, heady, euphoric, and youthful. It sends you crazy when you are not near them, they are the one that can cool you down like a breeze on a summer’s day. They are the cure, yet they are also the sickness.”

You can watch the music video for “45 Degrees” below from Youtube or check it out over on Spotify.