Landon Conrath is a young artist but has quickly built both his catalog and a passionate fan base that has branched well beyond his home of Minneapolis. Since his debut in 2022, Conrath has continued gaining momentum with new single “Replay,” a livewire electropop track soaked in messy entanglements. Layered and processed vocals dance hand in hand with a romantic guitar melody as Conrath starts a fall into the memories of a past love, every reminisce causing a wince deeper than the last. He has a undeniable talent for textures, which you’ll hear as the track shifts from crooning guitar to breathy verses, perfectly placed between an electro glitch rhythm that matches the untethered torrent of jealousy, loathing, love, and lust that flood you as you run into a messy ex-love, IRL or digitally. “Replay” hits strongest as Conrath belts out the chorus “Alcohol and mental arrest, when I saw you on the internet,” just as the glitch beat drops away and fat guitar chords erupt from underneath.  Any fans of Passion Pit and Postal Service with finds lots to love on this track.

Listen to “Replay” the new single from Landon Conrath now on Spotify and Apple Music.