Kristachuwan’s latest release Beachers ranks, in my books, as the best ambient album I’ve heard while living in Buffalo. It’s not pushing any heavy beats in my face, forcing my hand when it comes to dancing. “Dill’s Pick” is a good example. Kristachuwan arranges the elements in a light manner that when added up, equal a strong groove with pumping shakers and an angelic bell egging the track onward.  When adding accessories, such as a saxophone or heavier synth, it’s used tastefully. In the EP’s title track  and “Shimotahitubo,” the saxophone is broken up and tossed in with a static sound and occasional synth tones.  Kristachuwan is no stranger to creating down time. “Pump” gives the listener a quieter break, as the music explores downtempo clicks and varied electronic synths. Bleachers caps off at a little less than a half hour, which is the perfect length to listen to before you start the weekend off right.