One of my go-to bandcamp pages I frequent while zoning out to Super Smash Brothers is Boston’s up-and-coming trio, Krill. Although I love visiting, I must admit that the songs were starting to get old with my roommate (“Are we fucking listening to Krill again?”).  Well, Alex will be delighted tonight to find out that Krill has a brand new song that has debuted via Rolling Stone

The new single, “Tiger,” off of the band’s forthcoming junior release, A Distant Fist Unclenching, proves that Krill have graduated from the super cool underground indie playlists to super cool indie playlists. What I truly love about Krill is lead singer Jonah Furman’s free-wheeling, Tim Kinsella-like delivery. Oh and just so you don’t try to over think the lyrics, they are about a very likeable villager that’s mauled by tiger. Check it out below.