Coming to you from Oregon, Kondratieff Wave Generator (for brevity, K-Wave) bring us “welcome to the project!” off of the of their debut album High Rise. K-Wave brings joyfully warm guitars, almost as if they’re excited-but-not-too-excited-in-a-lowkey-way to bring us their brand of chill, vintage-tinged bedroom-pop. The wispy riffs driven by steady drums and bass evoke a mix between early iterations of The Strokes (specifically their stripped down performances) and more modern bedroom-pop luminaries like Day Wave. This is a great band to get in on the ground floor with as they’re just hitting their stride and with such a strong initial outing, there will hopefully be more to come.

This is a great track (and album) to listen to if you’re in for the night in your pj’s and want to just v i b e. Check out Kondratieff Wave on Spotify or YouTube.