Kimball Frank is here with the first single from his first album, the mesmerizing and ethereal “Don’t Call Me.” The indie rock jam has a fuzzy, earnest energy that is created with raw but harmonious textures and a driving rhythm. The texture of the melody is made with layered, reedy vocals that sound like they are pouring out from the bottom of a chasm, blending with lush guitar lines whose notes are left open bleeding into the sonic wash, both of which are reminiscent of John Frusciante’s solo work. Kimball pushes his song beyond that by combining psychedelic pop textures and quirky songwriting that are evocative of the The Elephant 6 Collective with rhythm driven pop genius of Phil Collins’ ilk and the chest-filling power of Band of Horses. Overall, “Don’t Call Me” is a captivating and complex piece of music that showcases Kimball Frank’s skill as a songwriter and musician. With its blend of diverse influences and unique style, this single is sure to be a hit with fans of indie, pop, and experimental music.

Listen to “Don’t Call Me” on YouTube, Spotify, and all other platforms on this link.