New York musician Kaycie Satterfield’s new single “Jetsam” is an angular, melodious indie-rock ode to misfits and marginalized women. Satterfield sings to all the girls that have lived in a world cut in a shape other than their own, inviting them to join her in excising implicit shame. Kaycie’s new track leads with warm juicy guitar lines that she contrasts with underlying chilly anxious drum rhythms and glimmery cascading synths. She plays with tempo and sonic temperatures and folds that song craft into her writing to great effect. Fans of Angel Olsen, Julia Jacklin, and Phoebe Bridgers will find lots to love on Kaycie’s new cut. Here she is talking about the new release;

“Jetsam is for the girls. Specifically, the girls who always stay a little messy, who could never quite get their hair to fall neat, who could never really pull a nice outfit together. Who never got asked to winter formal. Size medium but invisible girls. Never-heard-of-Brandy Melville girls. Loser girls. B+ girls. Stoner, but can’t quite figure out how to not be too dark at the function girls. God complex girls. Something to everyone because you’ve got an approval kink girls. Smart, but not booksmart girls. Uncomfy in low-rise jeans girls. Pretty, but not hot girl, pretty girls. Usually harnessing it into some irresistible combination of quirk and aloofness, but kinda tired right now and just wishing they could assimilate for two seconds girls.”

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