Bubbly Brooklyn-based artist Katherine Eisenberg gushes over the latest object of her affection in her track “Real Nice Guy.” What starts off as a quirky singer-songwriter track intensifies to embody that grungy indie-rock ideal, as she laments the fleetingness of love. It’s upbeat and playful, but keeps things fashionably cool with spunky guitar lines and a powerful vocal refrain. Halfway between a Lily Allen and Molly Rankin of Alvvays, Eisenberg channels bubblegum pop, surfer-rock, and a bit of a folksy twang to mold her unique sound. The result is cheeky, yet captivating story that is genuinely fun to listen to. Katherine Eisenberg’s upcoming debut Nice EP is out for your perusal as of May 4th. Sample “Real Nice Guy” at your leisure below.