London’s Kai Bosch knows a thing or two about heartbreak and he evokes that brutal feeling in the alt-pop of his latest offering, “Title.” Channeling his love for Lorde, Kai pairs a dark, dancy beat with his devastating lyrics for truly poignant results. Kai has a pretty eloquent explanation of where “Title” came from – check it out below:

“’Title’ represents a month of blurring nights, tears, and intoxication all culminating into an explosive breakup. Coming out the other side when the dust had settled, I saw our time together for what it was: one-sided. Title explores the feeling that there is a “winner” in a relationship. I’m a very emotional person and in the past this has left me feeling like the “loser” in a lot of situations, but as I grow in myself and continue to experience love in its many forms I’ve come to find that there is strength in my emotion and willingness to love. My previous work unpicked the question “Why did you leave me?”, now I’m at the place of “This is why I left you.”

You can find “Title” on Spotify too.