It’s fitting that a song as mysterious sounding as “valkyrie” would come from an artist as mystifying as k0d4m4. Walking a fine line between haunting, ominous, and gorgeous, “valkyrie” takes elements from witch house, darkwave, and 8-bit music and combines it into a song about arguably the least electronic thing in the world – k0d4m4 explains below:

“[‘valkyrie’ is about] a valkyrie, as in norse mythology, taking a fallen warrior to valhalla”

Dark, danceable, and gauzy, “valkyrie” makes you want to dance just as much as it makes you question your reality – fans of Crystal Castles, Crim3s, or Pastel Ghost are going to love this one.

Check it out below via the YouTube widget, or, check out k0d4m4’s latest album, white hearts, upon which “valkyrie” resides.