For the past six months, we’ve been chugging along trying to put together our third annual Herd Music Festival. The festival, which began in 2014, aimed to gather all of Western New York’s up-and-coming bands into one hustled weekend that showcased the city’s growing music scene. In the past we partnered up with various labels and collectives to deliver snapshots of cultures and tastes, but this year we decided to try something new – centralized programming and open applications.

With centralized programming this put a lot more pressure and workload on our staff as opposed to working with conjunction with another organization. This will aid to ensure time flow management. We are positive that with this, showtimes will be close to the announced times, allowing festival-goers the opportunity to drop in and out of shows and curate their own concert experience.

We’ve also developed an app for both Google and Apple IOS, where you can go through and acquaint yourself with the band profile of all the acts, view the master schedule, and create your own schedule so you can customize and curate your own Herd Fest schedule.

If you aren’t up for grabbing the app, head on over to Herd Fest’s website, where you can see the lineup in it’s entirety. There may even be a few surprises on the horizon. You can purchase an all-access wristband over on buffaBLOG’s big cartel page for $20. See you June 16th at Mohawk Place.