New Orleans *maybe* solo act Juno Dunes, so-called “Louisiana beach music (or tropical shoe-gaze),” is the latest spin on the genre you didn’t know you needed to hear. “Dissolve” is their latest and it immediately brought my blood pressure down by twenty points and truly brought some much needed relaxation to my evening. Bringing the calm tones of bands like Real Estate or Goth Babe, you’re immediately transported by the warm guitar and laid back drum fills that feel like they’re fading into a sunset. Brought to life by Connor James Reever and a backing band, you’ll find nothing but chill vibes here with his whisper singsong voice. For us yanks in the north in November, you’ll appreciate the feeling Reever brings to our frosty lawns and hearts.

Give “Dissolve” a listen over on Spotify or Sound Cloudespecially if you’ve had to scrape frost off of your windshield at any point this year so far (you’ll feel your worries dissolve).