Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You”
“Can’t Do Without You,” the lead track from Caribou’s forthcoming album, Our Love, is a subdued and tender cut that takes off and soars as the drums kick in and the warm synths resonate deeper, building behind a wall of sound, until the rush subsides for a blissful outro. Look for Caribou’s sixth studio album out October 7th via Merge Records.

Moon Boots – “Whatever You Need”
New York based producer Moon Boots’ tracks have always had nostalgic vibe, using disco grooves and 90’s r&b vocals to create soulful, bouncing slices of sleek house. His latest track for label French Express, “Whatever You Need,” follows a familiar formula, building around a yearning vocal sample and vibrant keys, the filtered breakdowns and graceful builds make for a perfect summer party vibe and breathes life into a genre often knocked for it’s predictability. Look for the single to drop on June 10th.

Steve Huerta – “Kingsley’s Groove”
Berlin producer Steve Huerta’s latest EP, Apotheke, is set to be released on Urulu’s Amadeus imprint later this month. The record’s b-side, “Kingsley’s Groove,” is a lush track with smooth synth pads and sultry vocals, making use of spacious, driving percussion to create a truly hypnotic groove. Listen and download the tune below.

Kristachuwan – “Seeing Eyes (Will Not Be)”
Buffalo electronic musician Kristachuwan’s latest track premiered on Soundcloud yesterday as a free download and is one of the more intriguing compositions to debut locally in recent memory. The highly melodic “Seeing Eyes (Will Not Be)” features a thick bass line and a driving beat set to both ethereal and abrasive textures. The producer’s ability to make these sounds work together to create a unique, captivating soundscape makes for a simultaneously physical and cerebral experience that carefully balances experimentation within the genre lines of funk and house.