“Wake Up” is the latest from slowcore brother duo Joyer, off of their album Night Songs. We’ve previously covered Nick and Shane Sullivan with their prior single “Star” here. Interestingly enough, “Wake Upis the track right before “Star” on the album, with the latter providing a bit more upbeat energy from the former.

“Wake Up” is very much a guitar-forward track, featuring a steady stream of distorted geetar that meshes oh so well with Sullivan’s whisper-like vocals (picture perfect, considering the subject). The last minute or so of the track gave me some early Modest Mouse vibes; a sort of extended outro that seems to end just as it coalesces.

Fans of Yo La Tengo, They Are Gutting A Body of Water, or SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE would find a lot to enjoy not only with “Wake Up,” but also the album as a whole. You can hear the track on Spotify, Apple Music, or down below from YouTube.