NYC/Boston based Joyer is the combined talents of brothers Nick & Shane Sullivan, and they just released their new indie/slowcore single, “Star.” The new cut has a wash of layered guitars that shift the tint of the track, each wash feeling like a filter that the song is passing through to get to your ears. Those layers work like sliding wave forms that align for a moment of clarity before passing back into dissonant relation with one another, creating that dispersed guitar sound that feels like wandering in a memory. “Star” uses that slowcore sound adeptly, with the Sullivan brothers pairing their sound with nostalgic daydreams. Here is Joyer talking about their new song;

“Star is kind of a slice of life of the summer I was having when I wrote it. It has small fragments of different days. Some boring days at home mixed with bits about camping on tour with our friends in Kitchen in Ohio and being attacked by mayflies. Its about being in a weird time in your life that’s not necessarily what you expect, but kind of great in its own way.”

Listen to “Star” by Joyer on Spotify and Bandcamp. Find more from them on Instagram and their Linktree.