Not too far removed from the release of their Exquisite Corpse full length back in May, Rochester’s Jon Lewis is back with Baby Brother EP, a new collection of emotionally penned, fuzzed out indie rock.

“Let It Go” opens Baby Brother with reckless abandon; Lewis’ hazy yet potent vocals underpinned with fervent driving indie rock, before the band opts for cleaner tones and bright melodies on the following “I’ve Got Mine.”

EP standout “Hanging On” is instantly memorable thanks to culpable melodies that leap off the record as Lewis spins urgent bar after urgent bar (‘What should you say / When my light is fading / And all my bad decisions come collecting / To keep me hanging on / Would you keep me hanging on?’).

The mid-tempo “Ride With Us” features perhaps the best work of drummer Jacob Walsh, and passionate closer “I Want Your Heart” brings Baby Brother full circle by returning the same driving undertones to the record that kicked things off.

If you prefer your indie rock in the vein of say, Modest Mouse, then Baby Brother is an album to get on your radar. Baby Brother is available for purchase at Jon Lewis’ bandcamp.

Written by Brian Campbell