It’s been a while since we last heard from Jeremy Jermaine Jerome, a Carolina-raised, Buffalo-rooted abstract emcee (mostly because he has sworn off any-and-all social media). So with this, we were delighted to receive an e-mail from him this morning  which included a link to his latest music video, “coexist.” The video, much like others in JJJ’s repertoire, is an avant-garde piece layered with Jerome’s hushed staccato rapping . In “coexist,” Jerome proves once again his divergent performance art and poems are something to be noticed. This may be a little editorializing, and whatever this is a blog, but JJJ makes the best music videos in Buffalo. Every one is different and it is obvious that the rapper thoroughly thinks through his projects’ locations, props, and scenarios.  Other acts should take notice because we’re becoming a little waned from these repetitive narratives.

coexist from ROY Productions on Vimeo.