Toronto-based musician JEEN brings us her latest, “So What,” released January 17 in anticipation of her February 2 album Gold Control. It’s a rollicking alt-rock track showcasing her warm vocals and a swirly, almost shoegazy blending of punchy sounds. It’s an interesting change from her previous effort we wrote about, 2021’s “Maybe I’ll Be Gone,” (which we also enjoyed). It shows growth into a more subtle approach to pop writing, whereas “Maybe…” leaned into the equally effective (as Nick put it) “rip-roaring guitars and a melancholy mood.”

Fans of Bully, boygenius, or HAIM looking for a different take on pop would find enjoyment with JEEN. She doesn’t pigeonhole herself to one specific genre and isn’t afraid to try different sounds, so you’re sure to find more to enjoy (unless you literally only like *one* particular sound).

Be sure to check out “So What” on Spotify or the handy dandy YouTube link down below if you haven’t already.