Hundred Plus Club is an impressive group that shred something similar to Tokyo Police Club and Dinosaur Bones. For You, their newest six-song effort, is a glorious scientific approach to solid indie rock that will make you want to see them live.

The first track, “Reversed” starts off with post-punk distorted guitar chords. Then, the whole band kicks in  with deliberate fashion – the song is very urgent despite sufficient reverb. “But I never know what you’re think of, what you’re thinking on,” tells the sad story of relatable anxiety. The verses are stuffed with full-sounding guitar chord strums. The chorus’ guitars bounce excitingly between the phones. There’s one last flourish before the song ends as timely as it began. “Entropy” is more bass-y than the first song – a lush electric bassline pulls the listener in. These boys remain just as urgent. The middled guitar manages your interest in a gentle swirl. It’s at this point you realize Hundred Plus Club has strength in Interpol-like guitar work. Another brilliant, sunset ending sees you out.

“Mildly Impressed” is a fast approach to HPC’s general songwriting. A nice bass lick spices up the introduction. “‘I wanna be your only one,’ he said!” – a lover’s desperate request. “He said!” is sung with great soul. The bass keeps on shredding, something I think we all love. The open hats are not slushy adding an interesting, bright sound to the mix. An instrumental finishes up what’s left. “Butterflies” is a delightful surf rock escapade featuring lively bass and a flowery guitar lead. The guitar’s vertical lead softens the song and cuts directly to your heart. The shimmering of sixteenth notes on the ride cymbal is a nice touch, and the hats rocket between monitors.

“Reminders” is a quick song that boasts bellowing toms and a great snare. We hear the singer use a higher vocal pitch in this song, and damn does it sound good: a little rasp here and there and I’m sold. The rhythm guitar and bass work together to keep the song chugging. The final song, “Not Mine” is simple and effective. The drums move from a cool beat to a trek around the toms, while the lead guitar fills in the blanks. “Cause you are not mine,” is sung in sweet falsetto.  The 1-2-3-4 beat of the chorus drums gets you going. There is an interesting pseudo-pause and buildup about three-quarters of the way through “Not Mine.”  Less pressing, the band makes use of a rather pretty face until the end.

Hundred Plus Club’s sincere toil resulted in a quality extended play. For You may as well be designated for any listener (regardless of who the record is actually for). Take advantage of Buffalo’s upcoming weather and get know an appreciable indie rock effort. Stream the tunes below, or purchase them here.