The brainchild of Christopher Leopold, Human Barbie is here to scratch all of your lo-fi bedroom pop itches with his latest single “Wishing.”

We last covered Human Barbie’s “Wait” back in 2022 here and we’re still all about it. Two years doesn’t seem like a long time but you can hear Leopold’s growth; a fuller sound, patience in letting the track do the work, and upgraded production.

While I can’t promise you won’t catch a bit of the melancholia listening, it’s well worth the risk – guitars and drums swirl together and take their time keeping in tune with Leopold’s soothing vocals. Fans of Alex G or Clairo would find a lot to enjoy here, especially if you’re in for a relaxing evening like I will be tonight!

You can hear “Wishing” below from YouTube or over on Spotify where you can save it to your burgeoning bedroom pop playlist.