Howdy, Cherry channeled true heartache into the longing, low-key indie rock of latest single, “Georgia (again).” Pairing vintage organ sounds, gentle guitar twang, and lightly distorted strums with her sugar-sweet delivery, “Georgia’s” slow-but-sure tempo brings to mind luminaries like Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, and Plains. While the song overall is quite endearing, scathing lyrics like “Why am I hoping that you might be fucking someone else – need a better reason to replace your picture on my shelf” highlight the deep pain Cherry must be hiding within. Here’s a bit about the song’s origins from Cherry herself:

“I wrote the lyrics to ‘Georgia’ in the midst of an emotional breakdown seeing my ex walk into a bar with a potential new lover. It’s meant to be nostalgic, a little sad, a little hopeful – and truly means whatever it means to you ♥”

You can find “Georgia (again)” via Soundcloud (below) or Spotify.