Holding Hour, the duo formerly known as Elison, is based out of Des Moines, Iowa and “Parallel Lines” is their latest. We’ve previously covered the band as Elison here at the Blog and we’re happy to report that we still enjoy what we’re hearing!  Made up of Marissa Kephart on guitar and vocals and Scott Yoshimura as producer and jack of all trades, Holding Hour finds that perfect balance betwixt shoegaze and dream pop… That can be difficult, but Holding Hour understood the assignment here. Warm guitars layered together produce a lovely sound that compliments Kephart’s vocals perfectly – ya know, that whole shoegazy thing where it all blends together.

Speaking to the track, Kephart had this to say:

“Parallel Lines’ is about the push and pull of relationships, the tension between two people who are close but over time slowly grow distant.”

You can hear “Parallel Lines” on the usual: Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. We’ve embedded it below at no extra charge to you.

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