“Come Undone” is the newest track from Iowa-based duo Holding Hour – made up of Marissa Kephart and Scott Yoshimura. We previously covered the other side of this single, “Parallel Lines” back in April here, and liked what we heard then (just as we do now). Kephart’s vocals really shine through in this guitar-heavy track, doubling down on the guitar and drums while leaving the synth in the backseat. It’s complete with a set of yearning lyrics that set off the dreamy flavors here perfectly – see below:

“Say something sweet to me, I wanna hear my name inside your mouth, before you chew and spit it out”

I really enjoyed how this track managed to feel straightforward yet intricate, with the guitars building over each stanza in a steady simmer but never boiling over. Fans of Slowdive or Snail Mail would find a lot to enjoy here, with the attention to composition and dreamy instrumentals reigning supreme.

You can hear “Come Undone” over on Apple Music, Spotify, or down below from their Soundcloud page.