Hinds’ debut album Leave Me Alone is bursting with sunny energy. Direct from Madrid, Spain, these indie rockers come out with a bang. Leave Me Alone was released in the middle of winter and their spin on garage-rock pop is a much-needed doldrums-reliever.

From the first echoing, reverb-laden chord of the album, these four ladies have you hooked. The music spouts easygoing vibes and playful mirth, fit to accompany a beach party. Catchy guitar riffs jangle while carefree rhythms achieve the right kind of groove for a summer’s night.  Mix in some old-school punk undertones (a la The Velvet Underground) and you can’t help but get carried away with these tunes.

But it’s the vocals that really bring the album to life. Co-singers Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perotte share lead duties, singing most often in unison rather than in harmony. They weave in and out of the melody with an infectious yell-sing, often over top of one another. At some points, they’ll even sing two different things at the same time. It all adds up to a chaotic, anthem-like onslaught, featuring two girls belting out exactly how they feel. Thematically, it drips with youthful sadness and failed love. However, combined with the cheerful musical tone, they present their words in a way that suggests a “we don’t’ give a fuck” attitude towards it all.

Brimming with mellow fuzz and flirtatious lyrics, the first full-length record from Hinds firmly puts them on the indie-rock map. They blend the right amounts of garage and surf to create a pop-rock delight. Plain and simple, Leave Me Alone is a ton of fun.