Sidney based five piece, Highline, brings us their latest single “Believe Me I’ll Run” and released it February 15. The opening strums bring to mind a more subdued take on REM’s “Losing My Religion” and the rest of the track continues in a similar vein. More contemporary influences feel like the lighter side of Arctic Monkeys or Killers songs, falling into that uplifting-yet-mournful feel. The steady strum of acoustic guitar is punctuated by synth and backing guitar, dancing beautifully around singer Sam Rigney’s vocals. Speaking to the track, Rigney had this to say:

“‘Believe Me I’ll Run’ is an admission of sorts that you’re all in on a relationship, regardless of whether the other person is feeling the same way.”

You can hear “Believe Me I’ll Run” over on Spotify or down below courtesy of Soundcloud. Be sure to check out another track of theirs we reviewed; “Enough for You and Me” too.

Their debut full length Shapes We Figure Out is due out end of the year, December 4.