Day 2 of Herd Fest began with back-to-back punk shows at record stores Black Dots and Spiral Scratch. Black Dots owner Josh Smith swooped in with his band Vanilla Sex after Ranch’s cancellation, which was meant to be in order to catch the captivating Kat Delfosse on lead vocals. Once the Black Dots show wrapped up, most of the crowd wandered over to Spiral Scratch. White Whale closed out the show with the lights out and the volume cranked up. Brimstone Blondes survived a year of college to kick off the buffaBLOG stage at Duke’s with their rowdy pop. Strange Acres played a packed room at Nietzsche’s thanks to their loyal Mohawk Place crew. In between sets, the Only Comrades DJs at Hardware provided a green room-type atmosphere to unwind and grab a classy drink.

Check out some of our favorite shots from Day 2 below and for a full gallery, click here.

Photo Credit: Taryn Alper

Black Dots_9_Rotten (UK) Black Dots_10_Vanilla SexSpiral Scratch_3_White WhaleNietzsches_5Dukes_3_Brimstone BlondesHardware_1