Brooklyn born musician David DiAngelis, the brains behind Helenor, brings us a nice diddly of a bedroom indie pop gem with his newest track “Bad2.” Beginning with a hooky lo-fi synth (that reappears throughout the song) DiAngelis wastes no time establishing a steady pace, bolstered by acoustic guitar, that builds upon itself. Speaking to the track, he had this to say:

“This is a soundtrack for pretending you have the ability to be present…. ‘Bad2’ is a ball and a chain and a weighted walk through a vitamin D soaked summer day.”

“Bad2” gave me Real Estate vibes, but slowed down and deconstructed. Fans of Alex G, Bonny Doon, or even MGMT would also find a lot to enjoy with “Bad2” and the rest of DiAngelis’s impressive catalogue. You can find that and more over on Spotify or YouTube if that’s your music listening preference.