Artists love to have alter egos, and in this case, Spooky Business DJ Rick Jameson has many. If you want to call him by his government name, address him as Sean ‘Seabass’ Heidinger, who by day is the Classified Advertising Director for  Artvoice, a cover not unlike Clark Kent or Peter Parker. At night, however, he is saving people…from boring nights and bad music.

As one half of “World-Class DJ Supergroup” Spooky Business, Spooky Sean got his start at a Buffalo mainstay of nights that are unforgettable yet you can’t remember them, the Pink. Like the DJ, the bar also goes by other names, including it’s the actual one, Allen Street Bar and Grill, inexplicably nicknamed The Old Pink.  From here, business only got bigger and better, and now the duo plays bars and clubs all over the 716.

This Friday, the blog’s second installment of our Heavy Rotation series takes place at Allen Street Hardware, doors down from the Pink where it all began for Sean/Rick. Voted 2014’s “Best Place to Dance” in Buffalo by Artvoice, the venue is the perfect spot for a back-to-school dance party.

The 21+ event costs $5 to get in, and Rick will be in the front room to kick it off and warm things up at 11pm.