Embracing a tight post-punk sound, Germany’s HEAR ME OUT are here with the icy-cold “Borderlands.” Pairing thick bass chords, spindly guitars, and calculated synth work, “Borderlands” has a gothy undertone with nods to classics like Joy Division and Depeche Mode. Skittering drum beats keep the vibe neurotic, while the instrumentals twist and turn around it, giving off an aching feel while still embodying that glassy-eyed feel that makes post-punk so endearing. Here’s a bit about the song’s origin from the band themselves:

“[‘Borderlands’ is] a product of our singer’s thoughts drifting away during a university class about migration, taking a critical point of view on nations as constructs and showing sympathy with those who have to abandon their homes.”

You can find “Borderlands” below via YouTube, or, here via Spotify.