Melbourne’s latest singer/songwriter aficionado Handkerchief Thief sends shivers through the airwaves with his debut track “Salted Skin.” Brimming with underlying intensity, the single centers on the restlessness and deep sense of longing derived from separation. Through a heady mix of finespun falsetto, deft guitar lines, and kinetic drum tracks, the song acts as quicksand, slowly sinking you deeper with each instrumental track added and each vocal part layered. Handkerchief Thief seems to fit right in among other stirring indie-folk influencers like Bon Iver, Daughter, and The Paper Kites, paving the way for a full emotional journey within the song’s 4-minute frame. This is the first track off of Handkerchief Thief’s upcoming debut EP, Hunting For Hummingbirds, set to released later this year.