Creeping out of the shadows for some fun in the sun are spooky surf rockers, The Hamiltones, with their tubular new instrumental EP, The Shape of Walter.

Having risen out of the Buffalo party scene like a Chubbies-clad Dracula from his coffin, this cheerfully eerie trio has crafted a rad 4-track record that perfectly captures their upbeat and gothy surf rock sound. The release features three killer original tunes and a special cover of “Without You” from the Son of Dracula (1974) soundtrack, all courtesy of maestros Richard Reynolds on bass and organ, John Toohill (Science Man, Alpha Hopper, Radiation Risks, Night Slaves) on guitar and Chris Scamurra (Kharlos, Space Wolves) on drums.

As soon as you drop the needle on this bad boy you’ll feel like you’re catching a wave with the Munsters on their summer vacation. Each vibrant track stands out with its own identity and is a total blast to boogey down to no matter the weather. Kicking off the EP’s engrossingly-grotesque beach bash is “Flowers for Wolfman (in Human Form),” a groovy and sunny number complete with fret work caught between hanging ten and wiping out with chatty, undead dolphins.

However, not every track is clear skies and high fives. The forebodingly buoyant “Lady Ghoul’s Cave of Mystery (Unfound)” hosts a hair-raising, full moon melody complete with scary strings, punchy percussions and a ghost-whispering organ that would give Dr. Demento the creeps.

As a whole, The Shape of Walter is a ghoulishly fun EP that will haunt your eardrums long after the first listen. So grab your Ouija and boogie boards and sink your fangs into it below.

The Shape of Walter is also available on 7” colored vinyl. Visit The Hamiltones’ official bandcamp here to buy it on wax.