Swedish west coast noise pop group Gryningen come from Gothenburg with their first single, “Radioskugga.” It opens with a tape click and light flanger guitar strum, but that tone quickly cracks open like the maw of an oceanic beast. That large chasm of wailing guitar closes up fast with a fuzzy indie rock guitar riff that fills your chest and head with rockin’ fun fuzz. The familiar tasty rock sound grows ominous as the bottom end on it opens up to let the noise in. The track shifts deftly under your feet bringing undulating cascading horns twilling from above disorientating and thrilling the listener. Ever shifting, full of youth, fuzz, energy, and creativity this young group has an exciting sound that fans of Japandroids, Ty Segull, No Age, and Women will take joy in.

Listen to the bands first single now on Spotify.