Pop-punk refuses to die, and it probably never will… Mostly because of bands like Ghostpool, a Buffalo-based three piece whose m.o. is crunchy guitars and hooks aplenty. Their debut EP, There is a Hole at the Center of Everything, is a five song offering chock full of catchy pop-punk tunes, set off by emo-esque vocals about longing, self-hatred, and growing up. Fans of Alkaline Trio, Green Day, The Menzingers should give this one a listen.

“Nightmare Eyes” kicks things off perfectly with a simple chord progression, backed by a catchy lead guitar riff, and distant vocal ooohs. Ghostpool is at their most nuanced here, channeling bands like The Hotelier through unique progressions and dynamic changes. Songs like “Dropout” and “Humanoid” are more Green Day/Alk3 oriented, pairing spitfire guitar work with big, irresistible vocal melodies. It’s worth mentioning that Ghostpool has a knack for writing big pop hooks… They just happen to be wrapped up in a gritty punk package.

There is a Hole at the Center of Everything is available via Bandcamp – if you like what you hear, swing by and give Ghostpool some lovin’.